Gopher Requirements

Always do your research before buying a trick Gopher.

Trick Gopher Size

Trick Gophers are much smaller and cuter than the ones you might see in the wild. Imagine a tall mouse with a haircut that smiles all the time. That's it! Our trick Gophers are shipped at 10 inches which is their adult height. So they're perfect for the home and your bedroom (that's why we're so excited to finally get permission to sell!)


You will of course need to provide your new trick Gopher plenty of dirt to burrow. A recommended method is to use an old barrel from the shed or a large box. We at Land Rush Sanctuary prefer red dirt from Oklahoma USA which is not only neat looking, but filled with clay. This thick and sticky material will help reduce Gopher house spillage in the night.


Most of our regular customers (resorts, country clubs, etc.) have plant bulb cultivation on site. For our "sanctuary to door" program we recommend purchasing plant bulbs from your local home improvement store. Just ask the clerk on duty where the trick Gopher plant food resides. If you don't find any they should have some in the back!

Life Span

Our trick Gophers are bred at the highest standards. No funny business! Scientists typically expect this type of Gopher to live 30-50 years with proper care, nutrition, and excitement. This means you need to be prepared to run some tricks with your pet at least once per day. They can get sick and possibly die if the ability to do tricks is lost. If all goes well you can expect to have him or her for a very long time. Adoption is the best route if something happens, but if all else fails, they'll live a happy life at your local golf course.


Shipping of trick Gophers is done in special polystyrene transport boxes. We will give them a mild sedative before the journey to ensure they stay calm.

Your trick Gopher will come with a special pack of frozen food that can be thawed and given to your Gopher once it arrives.


See our Sanctuary Store for details.